96 Bronco in TX

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96 Bronco in TX

Postby wesjtx » Mon Oct 16, 2017 6:45 am

Just picked up this 96 Bronco to do a go-fast build and use it for family cruising and wheeling as well as DD'ing.

Already have a Solo Stage 4 kit ordered, PRP Daily Driver seats, and Expedition center console ordered. Thinking Ill keep the stock Alcoa's and run 35's. Undecided on bumpers right now, will decide on thsoe shortly - one thing I do need is a winch as I use mine quite a bit on my F250 and if I am getting rid of it I need one for the Bronco. That limits me on bumpers somewhat. Going to get 4.88's, open front, Eaton E-locker rear. Thinking of going with the Solo cage as well.

Will post more pics as I have more parts and get started on it.

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